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A lively conversation about the HBO series The Night Of. The show explores the police investigation and justice procedures connected to a horrible crime. We talk about all aspects of the show and dig deeper into what makes this show compelling.
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Aug 4, 2016

Justin Hamby and Kevin Mullaney are joined by Maya Haughton discuss episode 4 of HBO The Night Of. Who should Naz trust? Freddie or his new jailhouse neighbor? Stone or Crowe or Chandra? Will Box ever find the real killer? And will Stone ever save that cat?


  • Opening music clip: The Night Of Theme by Jeff Russo
  • Closing music clip: In Fielder by Miro Bell
  • almost eight years ago
    Alex M.
    The first guy leaves after they set Nasir's bed on fire. There's a clip of him leaving and talking to Naz.
  • almost eight years ago
    Tyler G
    Thanks for reading my feedback and the plug to my forum.
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