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A lively conversation about the HBO series The Night Of. The show explores the police investigation and justice procedures connected to a horrible crime. We talk about all aspects of the show and dig deeper into what makes this show compelling.
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Aug 18, 2016

Justin Hamby & Kevin Mullaney discuss episode 6 of HBO The Night Of. The prosecution makes their case, the hearse driver is tracked down, Stone finds a new treatment, Naz finds a new vice & and Chandra has trouble finding an opening statement. 


  • Opening music clip: The Night Of Theme by Jeff Russo
  • Closing music clip: In Fielder by Miro Bell
  • almost eight years ago
    Randi J
    Hi, I enjoy the podcast and am in the middle of the most recent episode right now and had to email to answer your question. I think they don't want sailors on the jury because sailors believe in stuff. They're very superstitious, and there is a long tradition of believing in myths. I guess they don't want someone who will believe Naz is innocent with the same fervency of believing in mermaids???
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